At the Ziemantics Labs, we are at the final stages of a brand new web-based project. It is a free speech platform where people share their opinion on talk subjects which are created by people themselves and it will be a free public service by Ziemantics LLC.

We are still putting the final touches and hopefully within this week (Sept 16-22) or so we will be starting its alpha test. And we are looking for volunteers for that test. Since we designed and developed the whole project from scratch (including Apache-like server itself and a specialized software application for remote access), we like to test whole platform with as much people as possible to see how it performs under heavy load.

It has a really interesting user interface based on the latest AJAX technology. If you find our projects like Ziepod and Newzie unique and appealing, we want you to consider participating in this alpha test and get a sneak preview of our next big project before everybody else.

If you like to become a tester, you just need to leave your email address thru [ this form ]. We will contact you when alpha test is ready for testing. Keep in mind that we will use your email address only for that purpose, since the project itself has its own test drivers email list that you can subscribe if you like.

Hope you want to be a tester and help us test our new project before its public debut. In return, we will give you a "present", which involves yet another new project from the Ziemantics to be released at the end of this year--"hopefully".

Thanks in advance for your interest.