Version One of our Ziepod software application is ready for download. We waited for a long time for this release. It marks the end of the first chapter in the development life of Ziepod and a start of the new one.

Our To-Do list for the "Version Two" includes very exciting features. Nevertheless, we are still looking forward to hearing your suggestions. We will be releasing more info on the future of the Ziepod project in upcoming months. In fact, in a week or so we will start a new campaign involving our Ziepod project. So tune in for that one!

If you like to learn more about this release, please check the debut post of this release at our Ziepod Blog.

Use following links to directly download Ziepod or Ziepod+
  • Download Ziepod (2842 KB)
  • Download Ziepod+ (3690 KB)