Today we'd like to announce couple of news related to the Ziemantics, LLC. First, it is unfortunate that we are temporarily suspending our project till further notice as we haven't been able to get enough interest over the last 9 months. Nevertheless we will reopen this project in the future.

On the other hand, we are embarking a new kind of mission which is somewhat different than what we accomplished so far with Ziepod, Newzie and our other projects.

Going after Information Processing

As we are living in the Information Era, we will be starting to focus more on how to process and represent information given in natural language, specifically in English. We are building a system which will be capable of converting given sentence into a machine readable representation so that we can use this representation to perform various tasks, such as context classification and labeling, question answering etc.

Over the next couple of months, we will be developing and implementing various Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to build this system.

Developing tools for Semantic Web

And to make this more interesting, we will make our system and tools compatible with the Semantic Web standards which is the next big thing waiting to explode on the Web. Specifically, we will be converting our ZieTag project into a Semantic Web tool, which will be very interesting for sure.

Challenging Task

Even though what we described above is like a very generic description of what we are after, surely it is a very challenging task. We want to be a leading company when comes to knowledge representation and information processing and we have the right skill set to achive this goal.

Later on, we will share more about our master plan and how we are planning to use this new system with our existing projects.

Have a good day,