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Zietag, a knowledge-base manager
Project Description

Zietag is software application for Windows machines to be used at managing information in pieces by making use of tags. While surfing on the Internet, it helps you organize your findings related to your interests by allowing you to tag them. You can also monitor your interests on the Internet thru supported search engines.

ZieTag is a shareware with $19.95 price tag and 20-day trial period.

Project Goals

One of the important idealogy behind all our projects is to help you manage information. While our other projects are designed based on known concepts like news aggregators and podcatchers, Zietag is specifically designed for managing information. Hence, it is first of its kind on the Internet.

Even though its current features make it a very handy tool, we are currently redesigning Zietag from scratch. When it is ready, it will be the next generation tool to manage and share information in pieces. More than that, we are redesigning it as a next generation blogging and collaboration tool. To accomplish this ultimate goal, we set several sub-goals, as listed below:

1. Seeing and managing information in pieces
Consider a contact information. Person can have a cell number, email address, mailbox and so on. Dividing contact information into pieces and managing that way gives you a great advantage because you can relate pieces together or consider them separately. We believe seeing information in pieces helps you manage and share it more easily, which is the underlying design principle of the new Zietag.
2. Enhanced blogging; sharing information in pieces
We are seeing the new Zietag as a next generation blogging toolkit. We believe the future of blogging has more than posting a plain or formatted text. It should include sharing with much powerful and flexible techniques and help people collaborate in order to generate desired content by combining pieces of information together, which is yet another underlying principle behind the new Zietag.
3. Zietag for individuals and organizations
We believe managing information is a very important subject both for individuals and for organizations. Reborned Zietag will provide enough flexibility and customization so that any person can customize Zietag based on his needs and use it at its maximum.
Sample Screenshots
Here are some screenshot that help you familiarize yourself with the project and see some of its features in action. Under each screenshot, you can find a short description about it. Please use the navigation buttons located at the bottom of the panel to switch between screenshots.
Showing Zietag in Tower mode.
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